Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our trip to the park!

I would have NEVER thought that I would be taking the kids to the park in January!! But this past weekend was quite beautiful and so we thought it would be fun to take the kid to the park to feed the ducks. Jaydin has never fed the ducks before and Kenna had never been to the park, so it was a fun day for the kids!!

Here are a few pics of our day trip...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I havent posted in a while...

I figured that I should take the time to post and leave a few new pictures of the kids! We had a wonderful Christmas this year! We spent Christmas Eve at Justin's dad's family's and it was a nice, fairly uneventful night!! Then Christmas morning we opened our gifts and then headed off to my mom's house for lunch. After that we went to Justin's cousin's house to do Christmas with his step-family. I LOVE going over there because it is a HUGE family and they do a nice big gift exchange and I have so much fun participating!!

Things have been hectic with the kids healths recently! Kenna had a high fever 2 days before Christmas that caused her to have a febrile seizure. It didnt scare me at first but after about a minute, she started gasping for air and I got scared and called 911. Needless to say, that lead to a trip to the ER by ambulance. With Jaydin being a severe asthmatic, I always pictured my first ride in an ambulance being with him!! Speaking of his asthma...he is currently having another flare up. I took him to the ER on Thursday and they debated on whether or not to keep him, but after I reassured them that I could care for him at home, they let him leave with me! He is on albuterol treatments as needed now, which are down to about every 4 hours.

The big news in our house is that Kenna is now crawling!! We are SOOO proud of her newest achievement:) Some of you may know that she was diagnosed with Erbs Palsy in November so we thought she would be even more delayed on her crawling, so we are so proud to see her mobile! If you dont know what Erbs Palsy is (which I am sure you dont because i had never heard of it before!) it affects the nerve(s) that run down your neck into your shoulder. Usually it is caused by a tramatic birth which I dont quite understand in Kenna's case because her delivery went quite smooth!! It should correct itself over time and her physical therapist seems to think that it is only affecting one nerve on her which is great considering it could have been up to 5 nerves!! It just affects her range of motion in her right arm and the strength to her right hand. When she crawls, she uses her left hand normally but then goes down on her right shoulder instead of using her hand/arm. It is sad to watch but it doesnt seem to slow her down and now she is "chasing" after her brother! BTW...she recently learned how to say "bubba" which is our nickname for Jaydin!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Our trip to the Christmas tree lot 12/09/07

The time has come for us to pick out a Christmas tree and yesterday the weather was BEAUTIFUL so off to the Christmas tree farm we went!! Grammy & Poppy decided to go with us this year so that they could see Jaydin pick out his perfect tree and we all had so much fun!!

Jaydin enjoyed helping daddy pull the tree holder, but he got too tired and had to sit down and take a break!!

It was kinda hard to find the perfect tree but once we finally found it, Jaydin helped daddy cut it down!! FYI...we cut that long branch off the top and it looks perfect now with our tree topper (I will post pics of our decorated tree later)

The Christmas tree farm was really neat...they had a jump house and a petting zoo so Jaydin had lots of fun feeding the animals and jumping his little heart out!! He was definitely ready for his nap by the time we got home!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

11/24 Kenna's new carseat!!

When Kenna was born my uncle was kind enough to give us the money to purchase her a "big girl" carseat when the time came for her to need one! Although her infant carrier goes up to 22 pounds (she's 15) and 29 inches (she's 26 1/2) her big girl carseat goes all the way from 5-40 pounds so I could have moved her into it whenever I was ready. She will have to face towards the back of the car until she is 1 year old AND 20 pounds (Jaydin didnt get to face forwards until he was almost 16 months old) and then she will ride in this carseat until she is 40 pounds and then she will move to a booster seat. I am IN LOVE with her carseat because it is completely pink and obviously girlie!! There is not doubt when you look in my van window that I have a daughter, and I love that feeling!! I would like to say "thank you" to my Uncle Butch for being nice enough to buy her such a beautiful carseat and she will definitely gets lots of years of use out of it!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jaydin's first cleaning!!

Jaydin has been going to the dentist since he was 15 months old and although this was his 4th visit to Dr. Apostle's was his first cleaning. The office said that they dont usually try a cleaning until the kids are 4 years old but they decided to give it a try since Jaydin is such an easy little guy. He walked into the office calling for Dr. Apostle even though there was no way that he could have remembered him!! The hygentist was so good with Jaydin. She started off showing him the polishing machine and letting him touch it with his hand. She slowly put it into his mouth expecting him to freak out, but since this is Jaydin we're talking about...nothing like that happened!! He layed there like a good boy and let her do the complete cleaning AND flossing!! Then Dr. Apostle came over and checked his teeth and said that he has wonderful teeth! When the hygentist started to fill out his "report card" she was surprised to see that he was only three years old!! He did such a great job and he definitely has a great dentist. After his cleaning and check up he was able to pick out a toothbrush and a toy. He picked out the pooh bear toothbrush (he must have an addition to them because he picks out the same one every time!) and a toy spider that he immediately put in my purse to hold for him!

On another note...I asked Dr. Apostle at what point Kenna should have her tongue surgery to avoid messing up her teeth and he asked who her ENT is and what he said. I told him it was Dr. McLeod and that he wants to do it when she is two and he said he would like to see her before I set up surgery because he likes to hold out a little longer than that. So next Nov. when Jaydin goes for his cleaning...Kenna will make her first trip to the dentist!! You might wonder why I talked to the dentist about her tongue surgery: One of the complications of a tight frenulum (being "tongue tied") is that your tongue is not able to help your bottom teeth properly align and the teeth can grow in very messed up, sometimes beyond orthodontic repair.

Jaydin & Kenna's trip to Chuck-E-Cheese on 11/09

We went to Chuck-E-Cheese on Friday night as a reward for Jaydin's good behavior and the kids had a blast. I wish that I could have gotten more pictures of Jaydin but he was busy running from game-to-game so I didnt get a chance:( But I did get quite a few of Kenna enjoying some rides for the first time!! It was fun because at Six Flags the only thing she is allowed to ride is the Merry-Go-Round so instead of having to sit aside and watch us have all the fun...she was the one playing this time!! It is nice because Jaydin still doesnt have the concept of whether or not he's REALLY playing a game so it is really cheap for us to go!!

By the way...Kenna was at the doctors yesterday and she is now up to 15 lbs 1 oz!! Just to show you how little that actually is...the other baby at her daycare just turned 4 months last week and she is already 15 pounds!!

Kenna's sitting up!!

I am so proud to say that Miss Makenna Rylee is now able to sit up unassisted!! Although she is unable to get herself into the sitting position, when we sit her on the ground she is able to keep her balance for quite a while before she decides to fall over!! I am sooo proud of all the advancements she is starting to make:)

Jaydin and Kenna are getting much closer the older Kenna gets. Jaydin has been absolutely IN LOVE with her since the day she was born but she is just now starting to love him back!! It is sooo cute to watch them play and to watch Jaydin share his toys with sissy. He LOVES to try to feed her dinner and he insists on washing her hair when they take their baths together:)